What is it?

Pub Standards Lancaster is a monthly meetup of developers, designers, founders and people-who-like-to-build-stuff in central Pennsylvania. Established in Lancaster by Court Ewing in 2013, it has been running continuously ever since. It was initially founded in London and other cities around 2005.

Pub Standards is currently organized by Luke Demi.

Who is it for?

Pub Standards is open to everyone. It's loosely aimed at web design & development geeks, but that doesn't mean chitchat need necessarily be work-related.  Don't expect structure, don't expect presentations, just relax with likeminded people and a few beers.

This is the post-conference drink-up, without the conference


Tellus360 on the first block of East King. We meet on the second floor at the community table. If the weather is great we'll migrate up to the roof deck.


The mid-Pub Standards non-Pub Standards Pub Standards. For the more hardcore, Substandards takes place on the fourth Thursday of any month when someone feels like organizing it. The rules are that, instead of having a number (like regular Pub Standards) it must have a name (such as Substandards Jeff) and must always be in a different pub. Follow @PubStandardsLnc for location details.